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America First Agenda

Targeted for Destruction

After the highly questionable results of the presidential and other down ballot elections of 2020 it became immediately apparent to those paying attention that the America First Agenda was targeted for destruction by the globalists and their allies. The legacy media, social media giants and “Big Tech” fully employed their ominous powers to manipulate, and CANCEL the free speech of individuals and organizations with opinions not approved by the Democrat Party and the Deep State bureaucracy.

Supporting The America First Agenda

The Republican Party “leadership” was unable, or unwilling, to support President Trump and others promoting the America First platform. This failure of the GOP was staggering. Too many Americans have lost faith and confidence in our electoral system and the flailing Republican Party. These losses have led to devastating levels of fear, anger, frustration and grief. For Americans the hope of ever regaining their freedoms, liberty, and prosperity is dwindling rapidly. If the GOP can recover and find a way to regain the trust of the American people it will take years.

Transparency and Accountability

The system must be repaired immediately by installing the changes required to provide transparency and accountability. To do this will require an UNITED effort to replace politicians determined to create the tyranny of totalitarian one party rule. These are difficult tasks, but they are NOT impossible. To regain what has been lost, stolen, or destroyed will require ACTION! It will require patriots who love America as founded and embrace the principles and values that made America the greatest nation in human history.

First Save Virginia!

In 1776 Virginians led the way to establish our Republic and we did it again in 2021! In the 2021 gubernatorial election, everyday Virginians stepped up, received targeted training from VFAF, and produced 90% precinct coverage for the Republican Party. This resulted in a major GOP victory. We flipped the Governor's mansion, Attorney General, and House of Delegates red. We are leading the way for American to Save our Republic!

Virginians for America First


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Virginians? are you ready for a new way to do Virginia Party Politics? Join us on a journey as we help to bring vital education and training to our grass roots coalition groups around the state!

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FIRST save VIRGINIA! The Commonwealth of Virginia is unique in that voters never get a respite from political campaigns. 2021 is no exception. This year the members of the Virginia House of Delegates are ALL campaigning for re-election. Virginia democrats are energized after the dubious results of the 2020 elections and they are making plans to drive Virginia even further into the totalitarian abyss. They MUST BE STOPPED!

“Virginians for American First is leading the Revolution of Restoration and Revival. This is a Revolution to Restore our Constitution and Revive the Spirit of America!”
~Bishop Leon Benjamin | Founder of VFAF~


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