Hypocrisy of Lynchburg, Woke vs Freedom

UPDATE:<<CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE LYNCHBURG FIRE CHIEF PHONE INTERVIEW>> Written by Joshua Pratt, VFAF Political Director Lynchburg, VA .  – A fight for free speech and religious freedom

constitutional protection

Mandates vs Constitutional Protections

DISCLAIMER:  I am posting this individual as a sovereign woman, an individual fashioned by my Creator before I was born, and these thoughts reflect my own personal viewpoints and should



Written By Heidi Hovan, VFAF Volunteer and Blog Contributor. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing that word a LOT lately.  It’s already pretty prevalent in Virginia, from

We the people

“We the People” Must Rise

Written by Heidi Hovan | VFAF Contributor Most patriotic Americans know the first line of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, which begins: “We the

election integrity

Election Integrity

Written By Christine Enright / VFAF contributor As a nation, we depend on free and fair elections, our rights and freedoms as Americans depend on it. We must be able

pro life

Pro-Life: An America First Principle

Written By: Lady For Life / VFAF contributor VFAF, Virginians For America First, believes in the America First Principles. One of the most important Principles in my opinion is Pro-Life.

Take a Stand Joe Manchin to Save America - Heritage Action for America in Virginia

VFAF Activism Throughout Virginia

Virginians for America First is in the infancy of its activism, yet volunteers throughout Virginia have hit the ground running. In March, VFAF teamed up with Heritage Action for America


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