VFAF Resources and Downloads

Preliminary Report on Absentee Ballot Concerns in the 2021 Virginia State Elections

Investigative Canvassing Affidavit

2021 Pollwatcher's Guide

Open Letter Regarding the Pre-Election Observation Report from Vfaf

VFAF Virginia Pre-Election Observation Report

VFAF Registrar Survey Form

Coalition for Free and Fair Elections-Election Integrity Manual

VFAF Trifold Brochure

Virginians For America First Brochure
Virginians For America First Brochure

Alliance for Free Citizens Model Legislation

The Advance Ballot Confidence ("ABC") Act

Secure and Fair Elections (“SAFE”) Act

The Citizens COVID Protection Act

The Protecting American Workers Act

Protecting Our Children from the Destruction of Critical Race Theory

Family Assistance and Incentives Reform (“FAIR”) Act

State Immigration Total Enforcement (“SITE”) Act

Protecting Girls' Sports

Virginia First Audit on Telegram Resources

Nov 3rd 2020 Election Anomalies

Honest Elections Project


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